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Herniated Disc

Understanding Herniated Disc Pain

Herniated discs can prove enormously uncomfortable, frustrating and even debilitating. These protrusions of the gel-like discs cushioning your vertebrae can press against nerve tissue to create a wide range of symptoms. While surgery or drugs are sometimes prescribed to deal with herniated disc pain, you're always well advised to pursue safe natural remedies before leaping to these extremes. Here at StayWell Chiropractic, we can relieve your agony through a spinal adjustment and other approaches that make sue of your body's own inherent healing abilities.

man holding back from herniated disc pain in Novi, MISome people confuse a bulging disc with a herniated disc, but the conditions are actually different.  A bulging disc is one that has flattened out so that part of the intact disc pushes against the spinal cord or a spinal nerve root. In a herniated disc, part of the tough outer casing (called the annulus) has ruptured, allowing the gelatinous contents to push their way out onto adjacent tissues. Herniated discs may be caused by traumatic injuries such as sports collisions or car accidents, but they're more usually the result of years of wear and tear. Discs tend to lose their ability to replenish their inner moisture, which in turn can make them more vulnerable to rupture. A longstanding spinal misalignment can increase pressure on the disc, hastening this degeneration.

Herniated disc pain and other symptoms can vary widely depending on where the herniation occurs. A herniated lumbar disc can cause not only back pain but also leg pain and weakness associated with sciatica. A herniated cervical disc may cause neck pain, hand or arm pain, and loss of motor control in the upper extremities.

Herniated Disc Novi and Farmington Hills Treatment

If you seek herniated disc Novi and Farmington Hills treatment, you've made the right choice by looking into StayWell Chiropractic.Our chiropractor, Dr. Amy Olson, has a deep knowledge of the many things that can go wrong with the spinal column, including herniated, bulging or flattened discs. Our herniated disc treatment options center around chiropractic adjustment as an effective non-surgical means of releasing nerve tissue impinged by a herniated disc, especially when an underlying vertebral misalignment has played a major role in contributing to the problem. A series of gentle yet powerful manipulations can help restore disc height and normal spinal alignment, drawing the protruding disc tissue away from the spinal cord and nerve roots.

But a chiropractic adjustment might be only one aspect of your customized herniated disc treatment from StayWell Chiropractic. Other conservative, non-invasive, drug-free healing methods can also prove highly valuable for treating herniated disc pain. These may include nutritional therapy to help pinched nerves heal themselves more efficiently, heat and ice therapy to control pain naturally, and corrective exercises to tone the muscles that support proper spinal balance and alignment.

Don't let herniated disc pain destroy your quality of life. Contact StayWell Chiropractic today at 248-513-3100 to set up an initial consultation and spinal evaluation. We want to help -- and we can!

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