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Pregnancy is often a time of great joy, anticipation and tremendous change. While many women enjoy this time in their lives, some find pregnancy to be a difficult chapter in their life. So much so, they want to hurry and get through. Whether you are enjoying your pregnancy or feeling a little miserable, here at StayWell Chiropractic we understand how much chiropractic care can help all pregnant women and ensure every one of our expectant mothers has a joyous pregnancy!

Drs. Amy Olson and Nick Binder recommend chiropractic care to all pregnant women due to the hormonal and physical body changes. Routine chiropractic care will ensure good pelvic balance and alignment will increase the amount of room available for your developing baby to grow and position themselves in the best way when it comes time for the birthing process. It is crucial, when pregnant, you stay in your best alignment. Poor alignment can cause intrauterine constraint and make it difficult for the baby to properly develop and get in the best position for delivery, ultimately, affecting the mother’s ability to conceive naturally.

Pregnancy Chiropractor in Novi, MI


Besides giving the baby optimum room to grow, receiving prenatal chiropractic care has many other benefits, like:

  • Maintaining A Healthier Overall Pregnancy

  • Controlling Nausea Symptoms

  • Reduce The Time Of Labor And Delivery

  • Relief From Back, Neck And/Or Joint Pain

  • Prevent a Potential Cesarean Delivery


Chiropractic care before, during and after pregnancy can help not only mom but baby, in so many ways! We treat all women with a gentle touch and seek to not only help them both stay healthy but also decrease their symptoms as much as possible!


Webster Technique

Dr. Amy Olson and Dr. Nick Binder are certified in the Webster Technique, which is a technique specifically designed to help expectant mothers and their growing babies. This technique gives chiropractors the ability to establish good balance in the pregnant woman’s pelvis and decrease any unnecessary stress to her uterus and the supporting ligaments.

The Webster Technique is the key to a safe birth for baby and mom. By keeping the pelvis properly balanced and aligned, the nervous system will not have any interference and will be able to function optimally and keep both mom and baby healthy.

While pregnancy can be a time of discomfort as the body is changing, therefore creating spinal misalignments and pain for the mother, we can tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way! Through chiropractic care, you can experience relief, and actually, enjoy this time in your life. Contact us TODAY to schedule your first prenatal chiropractic appointment!



Hypnobirthing is all about education and learning how to trust your body and that your body already knows how to bring your baby into the world the way nature had intended. This technique looks at not just the physical state of the mother, but also the psychological state of the mother and her overall well being. This goes for her birth partner as well.  The goal is for the newborn to be born in a calm and gentle way in the quiet of a birth center, a hospital or even your home!

Benefits of Hypnobirthing include:

  • Natural Form of Pain Management

  • Provide Comfort, Relaxation & Relief During Labor

  • Decrease Stress & Fear During Childbirth

  • Keep You Alert & Awake

  • Calm Baby

  • Bonding With Partner

  • Breathe Better


Ensure you have the most wonderful experience a mother and baby can have through the labor and delivery process by finding out more information about Hypnobirthing! Reach out to us TODAY!


Breastfeeding Support

An excellent member of our team, Mandy Spann, RN, offers support for our new mothers who are looking for help with breastfeeding their babies. She will come to your home and provide one-on-one support and expert assistance to help you through breastfeeding. If you would like more information or would like to schedule a home visit, please click here.